Take the Quote Quiz!

Photo by Angelica Dixon

How well do you know the JAM team? Match the quote with the JAM cyclist or alum who said it in one of our stories published during 2015.

ANSWER CHOICES: Ellen Noble, Scott Smith, Jack Kisseberth, Jena Greaser, Chris Neisen, Stephen Hyde, Anthony Clark, Jeremy Durrin and Mira Fowler. Answers are now at the bottom of this post.


1. “The team provided me with opportunities I could never have dreamed of, and I owe a lot to Jeremy, Alec and Mukunda for shaping my life what it is today. If it wasn’t for them, I would have never raced cyclocross or met my wife Gabby.” – (Who said it?)

2. “Me and my friends built this trail network called the Fern Forest and it had a bunch of downhill tracks and dirt jumps. We spent five hours a day digging and riding. That was pretty much my life outside of school. The whole experience, digging and hanging out with friends, that combination got me into biking.”– (Who said it?)

3. “If there was a sleeping contest, I would crush it! I could sleep 11 hours a night and not have trouble getting to sleep again. Al says I can sprint well because I’m rested.” – (Who said it?)

4. “JAM pushed me to be a better person every day. It was never about wining races and going home. It was about leaving whatever situation we entered better than when we got into it. I am confident in myself as a professional racer now, and it’s because JAM made me this way.– (Who said it?)

5. “In five years I see myself with a house in Western Massachusetts with a dog and a national championship jersey mounted on the wall while I’m racing for a pro continental team. Or at least I’ll be a yo-yo master.” – (Who said it?)

6. “When I was in 7th grade, my best friend Trevor asked me if I wanted to go on a mountain bike group ride. At the time, I had a crappy Walmart mountain bike, and I went with him on a legitimate ride with guys in spandex. I had never seen that before. I was in T-shirt and cutoffs.” – (Who said it?)

7. “I had knee surgery in Dec. 2014, so I was not sure I was going to be racing this fall, but a month a half ago, everything was coming along well. At the race this weekend, Richard Fries said over the loud speaker, ‘Who’s that person riding on Caroline Mani’s wheel?’” – (Who said it?)

8. “I’ve been riding since I was really little. I’ve been practicing cross since I was 8 or 9.” –(Who said it?)

9. “Wanananana.” –(Who said it?)


1. Jeremy Durrin, 2. Jack Kisseberth, 3. Ellen Noble, 4. Stephen Hyde, 5. Chris Neisen, 6. Scott Smith, 7. Jena Greaser, 8. 10-year-old Mira Fowler, and 9. Anthony Clark.

Got all nine correct? Awesome! You're a JAM super fan!

7-8 correct answers = good job, you've made the podium!

5-6 correct answers = nice effort!

3-4 correct answers = not bad, but you need a bit more training,

1-2 correct answers = it was a tough challenge, but you'll do better next time.

0 correct answers = OTB, but that's okay because somebody has to finish last!