The JAM Fund Process In FOUR phases

 1. Apply for a JAM Fund Grant

Are you between the ages of 10 and 25 and from the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley or surrounding area? Do you love racing your bicycle and want to improve? If this sounds like you, apply for our grant today by filling out the JAM Fund Grant Online Application.


The JAM Fund encourages all grant applicants to join our partner and longtime supporter, the Northampton Cycling Club. The NCC offers racer rewards that qualifies you for even more financial support. Our grants are meant to be a supplement to a good club structure. In the JAM/NCC network, you'll get some of the best mentoring in the U.S., and be encouraged to train with our team members.


After you received a JAM Fund Grant and continue to prove yourself dedicated to racing cyclocross and volunteering your time in the NCC and greater cycling community, you may be selected to the JAM Fund Development Team. During the spring and summer we support a long team on selected events to push the level of competition beyond the regional scene. Riders in the development pipeline are invited to local and national events based on progression and available transportation. Examples of funded team events are the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race, Paris to Ancaster, and the Mt. Tremblant UCI Canada Cup. 

Four elite riders who are committed to becoming professional cross racers are selected for JAM's professional track each cross season, and very strong preference is given to riders who are NCC members and former grant winners.

4. Join the Professional Ranks

Once you've cut your teeth as a member of the JAM Fund Cycling Team, and you've proven yourself to be an exceptional racer and an even better member of the cycling community, the JAM Fund will help get you noticed and placed in one of the country's best professional cycling teams.

What is a JAM Grant?

The JAM grant is financial and/or equipment support we provide to developing riders who demonstrate a commitment to cycling. No matter what category you are, if you show the determination to become a better rider and member of society, the JAM Fund will consider you for a grant. The goal is to assist young riders as they move through the ranks and work toward joining our fully-supported JAM Fund Cycling Team.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone between 10 and 25 years old may apply for a JAM Grant.
  • There are no USAC category requirements, and racers of all abilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Since we are a regional program, priority is given to athletes in our geographic area.

How to Apply

Fill out the online JAM Grant Application.

How do I increase my chances of winning a JAM Fund Grant?

We want riders who want to learn from our recent JAM Fund Team grads. It is essential that the applicant sees the value in the body of our work. We want riders willing to get their hands dirty to make the cross scene better-- stomp in a few thousand stakes, wrap course tape, stand at a course crossing for a few hours in the rain-- and do the hard parts that create an unforgettable experience for other people. In your application tell us if you've done these things.

When will I know if I received a JAM Fund Grant?

JAM Fund grants are announced each summer and presented at our annual Grand Fundo ride in Western Massachusetts. You must be present at the Fundo to receive your grant. Helping out with the Fundo is strongly encouraged. The Grand Fundo is the JAM Fund’s signature event and a major source of the team’s fundraising.

What if I don’t get a JAM Fund Grant?

The JAM Fund holds several events and group rides with our big supporter the Northampton Cycling Club. If you don’t get a JAM Fund Grant this year, we still encourage you to join and volunteer with the Northampton Cycling Club and apply again next year. There are many enriching events over the season that will help with rider development.