About the JAM Fund

A 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of cyclocross racers and ambassadors for the sport.

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The JAM Fund ProcessIn three phases

The JAM Fund is committed to nurturing and growing the next great crop of American cyclists. We feel that the Pioneer Valley is the ideal place for any young rider to come, grow and succeed both as a person and as a cyclist. Growing up in the JAM Fund follows three phases, and with some hard work and perseverance, any JAM Fund member can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

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Apply for a JAM Fund Grant

Want to join the JAM Fund? Are you a young, committed, enthusiastic cyclist from Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley or the surrounding area? Do you love your bicycle? Do you want to get better and join a great group of local riders? Apply for a JAM Fund grant today!

Join the JAM Fund Cycling Team

Once you've proven yourself as a JAM Fund grant recipient, it's time to move up to the JAM Fund Cycling Team. Here, you'll get some of the best coaching and mentoring in the country, and you'll race some of the largest, most competitive races in New England and around the country!

Join the Professional Ranks

Once you've cut your teeth as a member of the JAM Fund Cycling Team, and you've proven yourself to be a good racer and an even better member of the cycling community, the JAM Fund will work to help get you noticed and placed in one of the country's best professional cycling!