Saturday, July 25 - 9:30 A.M. | Black Birch Vineyard & Winery - Southampton, MA

What you need to know

The FUNdo is not a race, It’s 64 miles for the original FUNdo and 85 miles for the new HUNDO. (because it rides like a 100 miles) Both routes include approximately 20 miles of dirt roads. No rider will be left behind, rest stops will be provided along the route, lots of support riders and SRAM follow cars with spare wheels, tubes, tires and mechanics.  Following the FUNdo, we’ll retire for music, a generous raffle, our famous pig roast, bbq and beer, which we hope you will enjoy with us.

The HUNdo route is a 20-mile “lollipop” loop off of the original 65-mile FUNdo loop. We call it the HUNdo because it is so challenging that you’ll feel like you’ve ridden 100 miles when you’re done. As a participant in the HUNdo, you won’t miss any of the amazing views or roads offered on the FUNdo.  We’re going to have extra rest stops, but this ride has skulls and cross bones for a reason. In our opinion only, category 1 or 2 riders, or folks who take training very seriously, should tackle this challenge.  We will have a cut off time for participants to start their HUNdo loop so no one gets in over their heads.

Again, this lollipop is NOT for a beginner or even a weekend warrior. It’s very challenging and doubles the amount of elevation gain found on the 2010 FUNdo route.  We expect this loop to add 1.5 hours to the front runners times.

Either bike is great. We recommend slick tires, thorn resistant tubes and/or 25C tires to help prevent flat tires from happening on the dirt roads. You should have a seat pack with tubes and tools to fix a flat in case SRAM is unavailable for a wheel change.

The Grand Fundo route isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s definitely not flat. From miles 12-20 the course has some steep sections, but after that the route is rolling hills and mostly gradual downhill after the ice cream truck rest stop. The dirt roads are maintained and in good, rideable condition. Plan for four hours of ride time to complete the Fundo loop with very minimal traffic. The Hundo will be considerably more difficult, and we expect five hours for the fittest participants. The Mini Fundo should take you around three hours to complete.

Yes! The food crew will prepare some vegetarian options for lunch, so if meat isn't your thing, we'll have some alternatives. There will also be plenty of snacks, side dishes and drinks in case you don't like the main course. If you have particular dietary needs, please contact us and we'll do our best to address your concerns.

The route will be clearly marked with spray painted Grand Fundo stencils on the pavement and large Coroplast signs with directional arrows at each intersection. No riders will be left behind - there will be over twenty support riders scattered through out the bunch with knowledge of the course to help get you home safely. A van will sweep the course at the end of the day to help out any riders unable to finish.

The Grand Fundo recommends using at least a 12-28 cassette to tackle and of the three rides. Early on in the ride is the Kings Highway climb that, no matter how fit you are, will force you into your granny gears, and we suggest having a 28 tooth cog, or higher!